Most amazing food festival around the world: Part 3

Festivals may fall short in an avid foodie’s year but the celebration can’t. Our third part of celebration of food in its various forms speaks for itself. If you haven’t checked previous 2 parts, Check them and join us here. click here
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As promised earlier, today we are here to glorify the most beloved food over the world, Chocolate. We would be talking for all chocoholics, chocolate addicts (basically everyone who has once tasted it) that chocolate is not just a food, it’s a panacea: it has solution to every worldly situation. Celebration of any little achievement or to ease out the stress of any disappointment, a chocolate bar wins anytime over an open bar (pun intended).
So let us take a moment to crown this “The food of god” and join in the celebrations thrown in its honour. Get ready to witness some of your biggest chocolate fantasies turning into reality

1. The Chocolate Festival, London:

Ever dreamt of a fairyland where everything is made of chocolate?? Houses made of chocolates, where you eat chocolate, bathe with chocolate and sleep on chocolate. Well if you answer yes, this 3 day festival at the City of London is the grand preview to your fairyland.
Happening from 14th October to 16th October this year, this event is a true dedication for the chocolate and no less than heaven for all chocolate fanatics. The event is hosted by many of the veteran and finest chocolatiers and pastry makers where you can devour on various creations of gourmet chocolates. There are musical shows featuring chocolate, fashion shows with dresses actually made from chocolates. From workshops where you can be as creative as you imagine learning how to sculpt the chocolate and make beauty products from cocoa butter to buffet menus where chocolate is concocted with all sorts of dishes from vegetables to beef. Attending this event is going to give you a lifetime of chocolate experience.

2. Las Vegas Chocolate Festival, USA:

The one sin no one can regret committing is indulging in chocolate in the “Sin city” (Las Vegas). World’s finest confectioners and pastry chef gather to serve each visitor with their best creations which force us to transcend into the fantasy land of chocolates. If that is not enough, you will have chance to taste finest of wines and spirits where you can also try and match the different varieties of chocolate with your liking of wines. What better way to combine the most glorious foods, right?
So when one bar of chocolate is just not enough, turn your ways to these events and fall in love with the chocolate all over again.
So when you are re-planning your world tour goals, now that you know where you can please both your eyes by the amazing scenic destinations and stomach with your favourite foods, we will bring you the most famous “desi khana” which will remind you and make you proud of your roots..
Stay tuned for that!!!!

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