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Why Cafe Choco Craze?

  • Strong brand following in Pune & Maharashtra.
  • Unparalleled product quality and competitive prices
  • Backed by experience and industry knowledge
  • Ability to train and manage franchisees
  • Management involvement in all areas of operations Royalty free business
  • Own manufacturing plant in Pune for products with a strong supply chain.



























Café Choco Craze Franchise Enquiry

Café Choco Craze is open for franchise enquiry. We are currently at the optima of our business expansion and this the best time for you to get associated with us as a cafe franchise in India. In past two years we have established franchises in most of the metro cities of India. We have 70+ branches across India, serving thousands of customers on a daily basis. We have strong brand following in Maharashtra, where our headquarters is located.

What makes Café Choco Craze products unique is the long lasting taste that is unparalleled and non-replicable in its class. We sell our best products at reasonable prices, at much affordable prices as compared to other cafes, thereby, making our products customer specially youth pocket-friendly. This is the secret to rise in our popularity across India in recent times.

We believe in the quality first. All our products are baked by highly qualified and experienced chefs. Our chefs are not only good cooks but also great trainers. We train our franchise cafe chefs to deliver our unique Café Choco Craze signature products. We make products that require factory treatment by following standard factory procedures in our cleanliest bakeries across India.

Our achievement of establishing 70+ Café Choco Craze franchises across India is an evidence of our ability to train and manage our cafe franchises. We choose our partners carefully. Establishing a partnership with us for franchise means a carefree, stressfree, and hasslefree business assured.

Our product plant in Pune continuously supplies products delivered to all corners of the country. Franchise opportunity with Café Choco Craze is a golden opportunity for startup and established businessmen! So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us. After all, there is fun growing together!