Most amazing food festivals around the world: Part 2

Welcome again from the previous part of celebration about some of your favorite foods. If you haven’t seen it click here Sticking with the festive season as promised we will continue with having a glimpse about some of the most amazing and tempting celebration revolving around the food.

It’s no doubt how creative one can be when it comes to food. Everybody’s got their comfort zone of cooking food, serving it and even eating it. I mean it is okay for us Indians to use fork and knives when we are eating pancakes, but no less satisfaction to dive into “Masala Dosa” with only your bare hands, right? So the crux of the discussion is, no matter how we use culinary skills, there is no right and wrong until we are ready to satiate our stomachs and have fun with our food.

So, here we are going to look at the festivals where we use our food somewhat different than our conventional way. Be ready for some food splash!!

1. La Tomatina:

This one of the biggest food fight festival is probably the most significant reason why everybody ticks Spain on their world tour halt list.

The crazy event originating in 1940’s has multiple anecdotes about how it started right from a prank among friends to attack on councilman. Whatsoever is the reason, small event turned into a global tradition encouraging thousands of people gathering on last Wednesday in Bunol to “Paint the world red”.

How it happens you ask? Squeeze tomatoes and literally throw them aimlessly (may be?) on a crowd of around 20,000 people. The fight continues till one hour after which the fire trucks spray the water to clean the “mess”.
This event also has major attraction: Palojabon which is a two storey high greased pole with Spanish ham at the top. Brave participant who climbs the wall and reaches the ham gets to keep it.

Fame of this event has spread so much that many other countries tried to host similar kind of events and also the tourist companies in Bunol and cities around has spiked their businesses arranging trips around this event and more importantly worth the mention of “Zindagi na milegi dobara” where the event was shown with its true fun.

So, if you are in search for some insane but fun activity for your group of friends and you are fine with getting dirty and strong enough to bear some hits, La tomatina can be your yearly tradition.

2. Chinchilla Melon Festival:

Now that we are talking about food fights festival, let’s not forget about the giant food festival featuring giant food “Melons” in Chinchilla, Australia which is the largest producer of melons in the world. The festival is hosted in summer time for four days, what other perfect time to have fun with melons?

The event has many activities appropriate for all ages but the most fun being melon iron man: race on a track made of melons or maybe the melon skiing which is quite self explanatory. In short every four days of your fun is going to on melons, around melons, with melons. And if you are little ardent fan of melons, you can also participate in melon eating contest. At the end of fun filled tiring day, enjoy family concerts, parades and carnivals.
Does that give you an extra reason to travel to most versatile Australia?? Let us know.

Stay tuned for next dose of fun and celebration for your most favorite food item (little bonus if you guess that food).

-To be continued..

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