Cold Coffee Café and Hot Chocolate Shops near Me

What would be a better place than a cafeteria to hang out with your friends or take your romantic interest out on a date! Whenever you search “cold coffee café near me” or “hot chocolate shops near me” or “cold coffee near me”, Café Choco Craze is a sure thing that pops up on the Google Search. And that’s where you have to be!

Our widespread geographical presence throughout most of Maharashtra State and multiple other metropolitan cities is due to our popularity and demand for franchises.

We are constantly starving for perfection through the valuable customer feedback that we seek frequently. We have achieved a milestone of establishing >100 shops in India in a short span of time, so do not wonder if we are on your top search hits!

A look at our stores gallery will make you think to visit Café Choco Craze if you haven’t done so. We have a strong presence on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and Google+. A crazy number of people follow us on Facebook.

It is no wonder if you find us on top in your search list for “hot chocolate shops near me” or “cold coffee near me”. More number of Café Choco Craze shops near you is directly proportional to our business growth.

Hot chocolate and cold coffee are our priority and famous menus. Our experienced chefs prepare the menus with utmost care with precision. Every cup of coffee that we make is consistent in its taste and texture.

Frolick with Crush

  • If you are a cold coffee lover, you must try our variety of Frolicks, to be particular Frolick with Crush.
  • The Frolick with Crush equals to an insanely delicious cold coffee garnished with dark chocolate crush. Crush that melts in your mouth as you gulp the cold smooth coffee.
  • No kidding, but once tasted you will have a crush on Frolick with Crush.

Orio Frolicks 

  • Orio Frolicks, Orio with an ‘i’, is for all those crunchy cookie lovers out there.
  • Orio Frolicks is cold coffee enriched with aroma and texture of crunchy dark chocolate cookies, topped with some of them.

Chocolick B

  • We completely understand if you are not a coffee, but a hardcore cocoa fan. For foodies with such special needs, our chefs created Chocolick B, a premium thick chocolate shake.
  • Do not ever underestimate the power of Chocolick B! The thick chocolate shake contains milk, chocolate paste, and choco crush. A mixture of lot of goodness to get you going.

Hot Chocolate

  • To counter a gloomy day, hot chocolate is what we recommend. The hot chocolate shot contains melted chocolate in excess!
  • Get a hot chocolate shot and get that Dopamine working.

Although we have listed a limited menu here, our stores offer a variety of snacks menus.

Simply turn the Google Maps Navigation on, say those three precious words, “Café Choco Craze” and in the next few minutes you will be happily chatting over cold coffee in one of our stores. We, your mood maker, at your service!