Most amazing food festivals around the world

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience” This is undoubtedly one of the favourite saying of every food fanatic. When it comes to feast upon your favourite food, its origin is inconsequential. That being said, every once in a while it is absolute for every gourmand to vacation and enjoy a food in its native place. After all, who wouldn’t love to eat a pizza made in front of you in an open kitchen in Italy than in mundane closed air-conditioned hotel in your city?

May be that is why the concept of “Food festivals” these days is not just an event of food critiques or food reviewers gathering in a room and “discussing” the food, but it has come a long way from there. Now there are events dedicated to celebrate to even a single food like bacon, pizzas or even pancakes for that instance where one cannot just savour the “Oh, glorious food!”, but also finds the crazy side of them: isn’t it fun when you use oranges as weapon in wars and eat a melon and then use it to ski??

So now that you are drooling with the image of your favorite food and tons of that in a lavish outdoor setting where you can eat a nut and become one, we point to you to some of the best food festivals around the world which will force to both the foodie and a travel junkie to pack a bag importantly with some loose fitted jeans to embrace that extra weight thanks to your feast and tick off the things off your bucket list!!!

1. Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake:

What tastier way to start than one of the most popular food in the world!! Yes, right. Say cheese!!!!

This festival marks its origin in early 1800s but still hundreds and thousands of participants come together and participate in the event. People gather at highest of the Cooper’s hill in Gloucester, England (thus naming the event) and race down to chase the rolling 9 lb round of Double Gloucester cheese. This annual event happens on spring bank holiday.

Though a lot of concerns have been raised throughout the years about the safety of participants, loyal fans of cheese still keep the unofficial version of the race going (or should we say rolling!!).

The record has been made in name of Stephen Gyde who managed to collect 20 cheese rolls in his wins over 14 years.

Now cheese won’t sound so unhealthy when you running down a hill trying to eat it, right?

2. Pizza fest, Italy:

Now that we are talking about cheese, how can we not talk about PIZZA?? The pizza fest fair happening in every September in Naples, Italy, is the biggest celebration that every pizza lover can have in his life.

In this celebration lasting for 5 to 7 days, all pizzaiolos (pizza makers) compete with each other to serve freshly cooked pizza with its classic flavours. The city is rightly called as “Pizza village” as you can enjoy your pizza treat right from cafes and restaurants to open kitchens and on streets.

Besides enjoying the slice of pizza, you can also rejoice the extravagant concerts and stage shows and dance competitions.

So next time you get an opportunity, don’t miss to head down to the biggest celebration of most be-loved food and add an amazing experience in your memory book.

Happy eating!!!!!

-To be continued

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