Franchise Opportunities in India

Are you a start-up business looking out for an opportunity to invest in the food industry? Do you want to start and grow big in ice-cream and café business? If yes, you are on the right page looking for the best available information. Café Choco Craze is expanding its business horizons by providing franchise all across the foodie India.
For us at Café Choco Craze, there is no business as delicious and tempting as selling the best of beverages and food available around. We welcome like-minded people interested in opening a Choco Craze franchise anywhere in India.

Why Café Choco Craze?
We have 40+ branches all across the country and stores in most of the metropolitan cities of India. We have a huge brand following in Maharashtra, with our headquarters at Pune – a hub of big foodies and intellects.
We have our own product manufacturing plant in Pune to provide a constant supply of fresh products. We are planning to expand our services to the rest of the country.
Our best-selling products are thick chocolate shakes popularly called as Chocolick B and Chocolick M, products which hardly anyone can resist!
Our products are unique and the best in the market with prices affordable by anyone. There is no compromise on food quality and our prompt service because we think that the quality is what counts!

What is there for you?
A Café Choco Craze franchise is sure business opportunity with low initial investment and maximum returns!
We have been operating in the food industry through franchise generated business past several years starting from 2009. We have experience of the food market and knowledge of handling multiple branches.
If you wish to join hands with Café Choco Craze and start your own store, we will provide our experienced gourmet chefs and also our management team to train your staff the secret of our recipes and service.
If you start your business with us, our expert team will help you set up your business sharing our knowledge and experience. We will help you in all the operational areas of your business in a royalty-free manner.

Growing Together is Fun!
We look at our franchise as equal partners and provide them with all the opportunities possible to grow their business. We understand that growing together is much more fun than just growing. We believe in the great American industrialist Henry Ford’s words of success – “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress, and working together is a success!”

How to Request Café Choco Craze Franchise?
Requesting a Café Choco Craze Franchise is as simple as ABC. If you are interested, just fill this Franchise Enquiry Form and our expert management team will get back to you in a day or two with all the information you may need.

We are currently looking for franchise outside our stronghold i.e. Maharashtra, but requests from Maharashtra are also welcome.
If you have further queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
We will be happy to see you on board soon!

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