Celebrate this Holi with Good Chocolate and Cold Coffee

This is the month of March and the summer is already at our doorsteps. The whole nation will soon be burning with temperatures ranging up to 48-50 ⁰C. To welcome the hot summer and cool down ourselves we celebrate Holi – the festival of colors and water.

What is so special about Holi?

A quick Google search will tell you that there are several (thousands!) mythological stories about Holi, but let’s just keep it simple. In India, a warm summer is followed by a soothing Monsoon season; hence there is every reason to celebrate Holi.

Holi is the festival of color, water, and love. It is the best time of the year to come out in open, burn down the evil, and have some fun. You can simply run around like crazy; shower your friends with colored water or dry color, or paint their faces in blue-yellow-pink, whatever you like!

Holi brings out the kid in you…the kid that you may have lost in your regular formal wardrobe! And that is what is so special about Holi.

Treat the Young You with Some Chocolate!

If you are planning a grand Holi celebration, you should…nah…you must make a visit to any of Café Choco Craze franchisees for deciding what would you like to have as party starters, mid-party snacks and Ice tea, and after-party stress reliever chocolate desserts.

If you opt for group bookings, please let us know in advance. Generally, on festivals, we get a lot of Choco Crazy crowd and we don’t want to disappoint you if you do not find a comfy seat in our store. Just let us know in advance and we will make sure that you get the best of all you want!

We understand since we have a lot of experience, playing Holi could be amazingly exhausting. You are probably planning to celebrate it before the noon so that you avoid getting out in the Sun, or in the evening when the intensity of Sun has decreased.

Guess what?? We are open at these timings, morning 10 am to night 10 pm, eagerly waiting to serve you our delicious Cold Coffee and Chocolate shakes.

Holi celebration is incomplete without filling your stomach with mouth-watering gourmet dishes. Our chefs specialize in a limited number of gourmet snack dishes such as Club Sandwich, Zoom Cheese Grill, Cheese Garlic Bread and Paneer El. Panso pizza to name a few.

We are sure you are not leaving our store without tasting our delicious, and shall we say special, Thick Cold Coffee. If you are a chocolate lover, we have a great variety of Thick Shakes to choose from.

At Café Choco Craze, we are very strict about the service we provide. We follow certain rules and regulations so that we co-ordinate better and provide you with the best of the ambiance you will find anywhere.

On this Holi, we at Café Choco Craze invite you to have a blast and treat that positively devilish kid in you with lots of love and chocolate!

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