Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. The countdown has already begun. We are sure that most of you have already planned an elaborate Valentine’s Day celebration, while others, the eleventh-hour guys, are rushing around to make a better use of their time.

Stop worrying and just follow this article for a different yet unique solution to your problems. We, at Café Choco Craze, always plan well in advance so that celebrations of any sort go beyond your greatest expectations. In short, chill, have a sip of our best Thick Cold Coffee, because we got this!

Valentine’s Day is all about roses and chocolates, right??? So why not treat your loved one with lots of chocolate by choosing our variety of products that are highly rich in Chocolate.

Mind you, Chocolate could indeed be a key component in making your Valentine’s Day special! A lot of scientific studies show that Chocolate makes us happy!

We have a number of products lined up to make your Valentine’s Day a memorable one. Here goes –
1. Chocolicks
Our Chocolicks are our best-sold products. We have a variety of Chocolicks, the best being Chocolick B and Chocolick M.

What makes our Chocolicks so special?? First of all, these are original products of Café Choco Craze, made with our secret recipe. Something so unique can only be shared with someone really special such as your Valentine.

If you want to make it even more interesting, contact our branch managers for assistance. We are always happy to help you to make your Valentine an unforgettable one.

2. Thick Cold Coffee
Those of you at the beginning of your relation, who want to take it slow, what could be a better option than treating your Valentine with a cup (or two!) of our special Thick Cold Coffee.

Currently, we serve nine varieties of Frolicks. The nine varieties, again, are our secret recipes, to serve you better. Our varieties of Frolicks contain chocolate at varying degrees. Our Chefs intelligently created these Frolicks recipes, you know, varying degrees of chocolate for varying degrees of the status of relation!

For example, if your Valentine knows that you are into him/her and feel the same for you, treat him/her with Dark Choco Filing Frolick. If this is your first date with your would be Valentine, treat him/her with Frolick with Crush. Hope you are getting what we mean.

3. Hot Choco Shot
If you think that your elaborate plan is failing like never expected, just close your eyes and go for our strong but nerve engaging Hot Choco Shot as your last resort.

Our Hot Choco Shot is also a good idea after a romantic candle light dinner, only to make your Valentine’s Night more interesting.

In short, don’t go without chocolate this Valentine’s Day. Chocolate is the key to happiness and also to a good life!

We hope you meet your soul partner this Valentine’s Day, and you meet him/her in your very own Café Choco Craze!

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