Chill Out this Summer with the Best Cold Coffee around

The season of summer may be too warm for you to get out of your cozy home, but hey, it is this time of the year when your taste buds are in a desperate need of the cold and delicious food and drinks. So, where are you taking your taste buds for a treat this summer?

The answer to this question could be as easy as asking who is the president of the United States of America? Yeah, the world knows it!

So, when it comes to `cold and delicious food’ the answer unanimously is your very own Café Choco Craze!

We, at Café Choco Craze, have been working on newer and newer dishes to satisfy your taste buds. We were actually looking forward to this summer to test how our `cold and delicious’ menu performs.

You know what?  This goes with the Byrds song from the Forest Gump – ‘There is a season and time to every purpose under heaven!’ Hope you get it!

So, what’s new at Café Choco Craze? We are back with our signature beverages along with some lip smacking pastries and Summer Special Ice-creams.

Chocolicks – Drink, Eat, Dream Chocolate

This summer, till now, we have the maximum demand for Chocolicks, Thick Cold Coffee, and Summer Special Ice-creams. Our Chocolicks was the best-sold product last summer and we hope this year it repeats the history.

We highly recommend our two best products – Chocolick B and Chocolick MM. If you have never tried any one of these, then you must try! We have secretly heard our happy customers saying that `Café Choco Craze’s Chocolicks are worth dying for!’. Believe us, it’s not an understatement!

For those who like ‘Death by Chocolate’ we have a strongly chocolate infused Chocolick MM. For the mild hearted, Chocolick B is the best option!

Frolicks – The Best Thick Cold Coffee in the Town

We are well aware of your love for coffee; let summer not ruin your dream of holding your regular cup of coffee on your way to work. Gone are the days of hot coffee, try our Thick Cold Coffee for beating the summer heat and feeling energetic at the work.

For those of you feeling romantic in summer, try our Frolick with Crush. It is a definite game winner! The only thing you need to do is getting your ‘crush’ to any of our franchises, and we are there to make your summer even better.

Summer Special Ice-creams

Indian stomachs, especially in summer, crave for ice-cream after a heavy, spicy meal. Why shouldn’t they? Just walk in any of our franchise and ask for Summer Special Ice-cream to satisfy your ‘Ice-cream hunger’.

We recommend our seasonal Mango Ice-cream and Royal Guava Ice-cream. If you are hooked to chocolate then we have the best chocolate sundae – Dark Chocolate Fantasy.

We look forward to serving you to celebrate summer – the way it should be! Remember, there is a season and time to every purpose under heaven!

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