Rains, Hot Chocolate and Coffee – Because this is all we know!

Monsoon is here! It’s raining cats and dogs everywhere, across the Peninsula and indeed in your favorite cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Vadodara.

There is no animal mind that does not enjoy rains. Isn’t it an amazing feeling watching those raindrops continuously hitting your cabin’s glass window making a steady stream of thoughts inside your mind?

Monsoon surely does bring all those memories back to life. Then why not cherish the good ones forever? If so, what best season you have apart from monsoon?

Monsoon is the season of getting together and joining for a hot cup of chocolate or coffee at your favorite Café Choco Craze. This monsoon, call your college friends, ask your soulmate, or date your girlfriend/boyfriend at Café Choco Craze because we are ready with a variety of hot beverages and our signature products for making your day special.

Hot Tea

For us Indians, our days begins and ends with a hot cup of tea, or shall we say ‘Chai’. We all know that this British introduced drink is so popular here that there is no getting back if you are hooked onto this.

We recommend our special hot tea for all those college friends who miss getting together over tea. You may be away from your ‘chai spot’ for a while, but we guarantee that at Café Choco Craze you will find your very own ‘chai spot’.

Still not sure? Come, try once, and you will know.

Hot Coffee

Missing someone? Maybe your half-girlfriend / boyfriend? Maybe your crush? Maybe your ex-relation?

It’s high time you call your friend and talk over a hot cup of coffee. Our Coffee is the sure shot way to melt invisible barriers.

We guarantee you that our specially brewed coffee acts as an ice-breaker. With our coffee, there are high chances that you may win a date. Just saying!

Hot Chocolate Shot

What more do you want from life, when you are holding a cup of hot chocolate? It is not just a cup, it is a cup full of pleasure to your taste buds and brain, the power to unleash your inner self, the power to sing, dance, act, write, and what not!

Once you have one shot, you will crave for more! The best way to go for more is asking your best friend to accompany you so that you don’t high. Again, just saying!

Choco Toast

Hungry stomachs are not satisfied with only coffee or hot chocolate, they need more! Our special Choco Toast is made for people with a lot of capacity for chocolate and food.

The combination of the crispy crust of toast and molten core of hot chocolate and chocolate sauce is very rare to find otherwise. This dish will not only satisfactorily occupy your stomach space but also give your taste buds a heavenly experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on your bike or get in your car and drive straight to your nearest Café Choco Craze outlet to enjoy the monsoon with your loved ones.

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