Restaurant Franchise Opportunities to Grab this Summer!

We wish you a happy summer! Cheers to a new beginning of a whole new season!

We can’t wait to see you walking alongside us as we move upwards in our company growth. For us, this summer is all about more connections, multiple franchises, and several satisfied foodies.

If you are seeking to start your own business, this summer is the best time to start a low-cost food business.

We are gradually expanding since the establishment of the first Café Choco Craze outlet. We never stopped growing and will never be! Growing as a food business owner with us is extremely satisfying, our several stakeholders across India narrate.    

Why Café Business?   

In the last two decades or so, India has seen a rapid expansion in city space, mainly due to the growth of businesses across. Any metro you pick up will have a lot of working professionals. Well, work is one thing, but with work comes the stress and what will be a better place than a café to relieve your stress!

The concept of café in our fast-growing cities is not limited to just relaxation points. Today, cafés are looked as hubs for socializing, romantic dates, and even informal work meetings. Cafés are an integral part of any artist’s life!

Time spent in café not only rejuvenates you but also enriches yourself with creativity and positivity. Shots of chocolate or coffee are taken in soothing ambience make your life complete!

We say that there is nothing like café business. It is one of the most satisfying businesses in the food industry. If you want to start one, it better be in alliance with industry pros such as us!

Why Choose Us – Café Choco Craze? 

We are a fast growing chain in Indian café business with a well-established customer base. We are very popular among the young generation of India, the primary target of such businesses.

We see unstoppable growth in our business in the near future. We are definitely in our growth phase and therefore, we take extra efforts to make sure that every franchise runs smoothly with our expert guidance.

As a new business owner, with Café Choco Craze, you will not have to worry a bit. We provide guidance and training by our expert chefs so that you master the secret recipe of our best seller food items. We also make sure that the consistency in taste, texture, and quality is maintained throughout our franchises.

We have, over the years, streamlined the process of establishing a franchise, managing it in the beginning, and making it sustainable as your business grows. With us in the background, as a business owner, there will be least things on your worry list!

How and Where?            

Our market research team has short-listed hotspots for the new franchise throughout India. You can get in touch with us with an initial Franchise Inquiry. Once the wheels of business start moving, we promise you that they never stop!

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