Hot Areas for Opening a Café Franchise with Café Choco Craze

It’s raining cats and dogs all over the country, how can one miss a hot cup of coffee in such cold weather? It’s indeed needed! What more do you think you need? Have you ever felt that you should own your own cafeteria; Well! Most of us have, at least at some point in life.

Watching people get together, chat, and enjoy life over hot coffee in winters or huddling in the small place for thick cold coffee in summers is satisfying to the core. Managing your own cafeteria is not just a figment of your imagination, but it can be your dream come true with Café Choco Craze!

We are expanding and looking for partners in progress. If you think you have the guts to own a cafeteria and manage it, let it be with leading café experts such as us! We are growing fast and we are seeking new businesses to shake hands with us.

Over the years, we have established numerous partnerships in several towns across the country. We recently launched Café Choco Craze franchises in Pune (Nigdi, Handewadi, and Shivane), Mumbai (Kharghar), Thane, Rasayani, Kolhapur, Karad, and Bangalore. The Pune city is special to us because our head-quarter in located there, but we have taken a keen interest in establishing and growing in other metro cities of India too.

Starting a franchise of Café Choco Craze is very simple. All you need to do is get in touch with us by filling the franchise inquiry form.


Café Choco Craze provides constant support and encouragement to all the franchise holders. We train your chefs so that they can prepare the most delicious Café Choco Craze specialties without any alteration from the original. We have a strong brand-following, which means there is a ready customer base.

We have over eight years of experience in the food business, which makes us old enough to understand our customers’ pallets and their likings. We have figured the key to winning hearts by serving our customers the best of best we could create.

By opening a Café Choco Craze franchise, you opt for a low cost, high-profit strategy. We encourage our partners to come up with new ideas which can be incorporated into our current business model and food. We provide managerial support to our partners to help them establish themselves as an independent entity, branding Café Choco Craze.

We are successfully running 100+ franchises all over the country and we expect to grow even more. The best of the food has to reach masses and the only way it can if you get out of the couch and start filling our franchise inquiry form.

We assure you that opening your own cafeteria with Café Choco Craze is as simple as ABC. Hundreds of partners are happy and growing in their businesses, it’s your turn now.

Hurry up and get in touch, we will be happy to shake hands to this win-win situation!

Get Refreshed in the Refreshing Monsoon with Café Choco Craze

Ooh, la la! The much-awaited Monsoon is here and this year it’s going to be phenomenal.

The Indian Meteorological Department has predicted a healthy Monsoon in the year 2018, and the food connoisseurs are never going to miss this golden opportunity to try out some crispy, crunchy, hot food served with a hot cup of coffee.

We, at Café Choco Craze, were waiting for this year’s Monsoon like Chaataka (Pied Crested Cuckoo described by the famous Sanskrit poet Kalidasa for its love and longing for rain). We have something special to offer this Monsoon.

It’s the perfect time to refresh your mind just like the reforming Earth – from yellow into the thick blanket of green. It’s time to get out of your air-conditioned cabins into the natural conditioning and enjoy the flavors of life.

The cloudy weather produces a nice background and contrast and colors in nature appear vivid to the human eye. Just like colors, the aroma of fresh food (especially fried!) in the viscous air makes anyone go hungry in Monsoon.

To treat all those hungry minds Café Choco Craze has some monsoon specials for you!

Try our crispy, crunchy fries and Potato Wedges; Grilled Sandwiches and Garlic Breads at our nearest store in any metro city in India. Do not forget to cover your hot and fresh snacks with our specialty Hot Coffee and Hot Choco Shot.

What fries have we got?

We prepare variety fries including classic salty fries and a desi version of French fries called the masala fries. We make the fries from the hand-picked finest potatoes.

Watching rain, having bites of crispy and hot masala fries; from the glass window of a Café Choco Craze outlet lit with warm lighting is an experience worth going for.

If you like wedges, we have got the right menu for you. Our potato wedges can be customized as per your need. We understand each one has a different taste for fries and wedges, some like it salty or spicy, while some go for cheese…actually, lots of cheese!

Lunch Menu

We serve western lunch menu such as Grilled Sandwiches, Burgers, and Pizzas too apart from Garlic Bread.

So, if you are moderate to severely hungry with a growling stomach then we have got your hunger covered with our finger-licking variety of Grilled Sandwiches, Burgers, and Pizzas.

For the perfect combination of spicy and stomachful, we recommend trying our Chilly Cheese Grilled Sandwich and Zoom Cheese Grill Sandwich. If you think, one sandwich is not enough for you then try our Veg Club Tango Grill Sandwich, and you will know what we mean.

Snacks or lunch, a coffee is a must if you are at Café Choco Craze. If you are a Chai fan, don’t worry at all, we have you covered!

We, at Café Choco Craze, are looking forward to your next visit to an outlet nearby you.

Let rains be an excuse to explore life rather than an obstacle!

Happy Monsoon!!!       

Cafe Franchise in Pune

Are you looking to invest in a cafe franchise where you can earn good profits and be seen as a reputed owner?

Café Choco Craze is bringing to you an opportunity to do just that – a café business opportunity which will turn your business into a high-profit one and earn you lots of money! The franchise offer requires very little investment, man-power, and space, but it is high on returns.

Café Choco Craze is one of the highest profit making food brands in Pune. Our café outlets provide a unique ambiance and place for everyone, may it be college students, working professionals, families, or couples. From people looking for quick refreshments to a meal, we deliver a platter of menus, our finest and signature dishes being Chocolicks and Frolicks.

Pune is brimming with young urbanites and Café Choco Craze is the place they want to go to. The metropolitan city is a foodie hub and starting a well-established café franchise in this market is the best way to get a head start in the food business.

With the sixth highest per capita income group living in Pune, there is never a slowdown in the food business. Cafés with smoothies and refreshments are always in demand due to boom in the population of the students and working professionals.

Café Choco Craze has been in the food business since 2009 and has over 100 franchises all over India. It is one of the best café franchise opportunities in Pune with an unparalleled brand following across Maharashtra, India.

Café Choco Craze offers the best tasting and the freshest products at competitive rates. We have our own manufacturing plant in Pune and the product delivery is always only a phone call away. You will never fear running out of stock with us.

Our highly efficient management team makes sure that our franchises maintain our business code and food quality, and never run out of stock or expertise to prepare our signature dishes about which foodies in Pune are crazy.

A dream of being an entrepreneur emerges quickly and effortlessly with a food franchise business because of a number of benefits the idea provides.

Growing trends in socializing, relationship-management, IT culture, changing food consumption patterns, and increasing urbanization are enhancing the café franchise culture in Pune. However, a coffee shop such as Café Choco Craze creates the perfect place for young urbanites to hang out while catching on refreshments anywhere at any time.

If you open a Café Choco Craze franchise, you get access to a pre-made customer base, simply because of our brand following.

Establishing a Café Choco Craze franchise store is a low-cost but high returns opportunity which is a big asset for food business aspirants.

If you’re looking to buy a café franchise in Pune, look no further. Just fill in the franchise inquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For any related queries, write to us here or contact us on + 91-9049743000.

Chill Out this Summer with the Best Cold Coffee around

The season of summer may be too warm for you to get out of your cozy home, but hey, it is this time of the year when your taste buds are in a desperate need of the cold and delicious food and drinks. So, where are you taking your taste buds for a treat this summer?

The answer to this question could be as easy as asking who is the president of the United States of America? Yeah, the world knows it!

So, when it comes to `cold and delicious food’ the answer unanimously is your very own Café Choco Craze!

We, at Café Choco Craze, have been working on newer and newer dishes to satisfy your taste buds. We were actually looking forward to this summer to test how our `cold and delicious’ menu performs.

You know what?  This goes with the Byrds song from the Forest Gump – ‘There is a season and time to every purpose under heaven!’ Hope you get it!

So, what’s new at Café Choco Craze? We are back with our signature beverages along with some lip smacking pastries and Summer Special Ice-creams.

Chocolicks – Drink, Eat, Dream Chocolate

This summer, till now, we have the maximum demand for Chocolicks, Thick Cold Coffee, and Summer Special Ice-creams. Our Chocolicks was the best-sold product last summer and we hope this year it repeats the history.

We highly recommend our two best products – Chocolick B and Chocolick MM. If you have never tried any one of these, then you must try! We have secretly heard our happy customers saying that `Café Choco Craze’s Chocolicks are worth dying for!’. Believe us, it’s not an understatement!

For those who like ‘Death by Chocolate’ we have a strongly chocolate infused Chocolick MM. For the mild hearted, Chocolick B is the best option!

Frolicks – The Best Thick Cold Coffee in the Town

We are well aware of your love for coffee; let summer not ruin your dream of holding your regular cup of coffee on your way to work. Gone are the days of hot coffee, try our Thick Cold Coffee for beating the summer heat and feeling energetic at the work.

For those of you feeling romantic in summer, try our Frolick with Crush. It is a definite game winner! The only thing you need to do is getting your ‘crush’ to any of our franchises, and we are there to make your summer even better.

Summer Special Ice-creams

Indian stomachs, especially in summer, crave for ice-cream after a heavy, spicy meal. Why shouldn’t they? Just walk in any of our franchise and ask for Summer Special Ice-cream to satisfy your ‘Ice-cream hunger’.

We recommend our seasonal Mango Ice-cream and Royal Guava Ice-cream. If you are hooked to chocolate then we have the best chocolate sundae – Dark Chocolate Fantasy.

We look forward to serving you to celebrate summer – the way it should be! Remember, there is a season and time to every purpose under heaven!

Everything Happens Over a Thick Cold Coffee

The winter is in its optimal form and joy is everywhere. This is surely a romantic environment, not only for committed couples but also for would-be couples. The New Year has started and everyone is coming up with resolutions and commitments for the year, or perhaps for a lifetime!

Are you at a stage, wondering about when and where to whisper those three precious words in his or her ears? Are you planning for a ‘Proposal’?

We understand your difficulties; after all, we have gone through this phase! It is too much of planning…it has to be a perfect place, a perfect setting, perfect beverage, and a perfect moment. Well, guess what, we have figured it out. Café Choco Craze is the ‘perfect place’ for your long-planned ‘Proposal’. You have to just visit us once and tell us about how do you want it, and we will take care of it!

We see so many couples these days, proposing over our Thick Cold Coffee popular as Frolicks. Gone are the days of regular hot coffee; Cold Coffee is where everything happens. We make nine varieties of Frolicks, one for each of your ‘Proposal’ needs.

Why does it happen over Cold Coffee?

Good question. Here is a simple answer. We say that a good beverage such as our Thick Cold Coffee, which is delicious, ice cold, viscous dark brown liquid, rich in Chocolate, and garnished with Choco chips is a way to reach to the heart of your guest. The better the coffee, the better your success probability is. Really! We are not kidding!

Coffee contains caffeine that enhances brain activity and gives sensations of pleasure and a mild feeling of happiness, everything that should ease your difficulties in pleasing your guest. Chocolate makes humans feel happy and makes up a positive mood, another important thing for increasing your success probability. Our Cold Coffee, hence, is the best of beverages you should have on your ‘Proposal’ day. This is not manipulating, this is the ‘perfect’ everything you are looking for! You can make it even better by replacing Cold Coffee by our top products – Chocolick MM and Chocolick B. As Charles Schulz says, ‘All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.’

Sorry, we are not stereotyping, but girls go crazy for Chocolate. A quick fun fact – Chocolate helps women by stabilizing their body hormones. So if you are a guy planning to woo a girl of your dreams, what could be a better option but to ease the talk over a mug of Chocolick B. Cold chocolate, in our experience, is much more tempting than hot chocolate.

After all, it is you, who have to take the decision of your life. We are supporters and would love to cheer you up, while you are playing on the front foot. For more ‘Proposal’ ideas, keep looking this space. Valentine’s Day is upcoming. We await you to help you with your ‘Proposal’.

Cash – No Cash: A Guide to Payment at Café Choco Craze

The bold move of demonetization to eradicate black money by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, since 8 November 2016, has definitely shaken many financial sectors including the food industry. Many businesses which primarily function on liquid cash have been deeply affected by the decision.

Not only businessmen but laymen are suffering due to insufficient resources to fall back on. Demonetization has resulted in never ending long queues outside banks and ATMs, wasting energy and time.

We, at Café Choco Craze, believe that although of inconvenience now, this decision is going to have long-term benefits in restructuring Indian economy. We do understand that it is frustrating to stand in queues for a meager amount of cash, which does not even support an individual’s week’s expenses.

To ease your suffering and delight you with our delicious variety of chocolates and milkshakes, which dieticians say are great for health, we have started cashless transactions in many of our franchises. We are slowly transforming into cashless stores now, the process has already begun. As you already know, we offer the best of chocolate at affordable prices – the best being Chocolick B and Chocolick M.

There are several ways in which we accept bills. These are the same methods we use for the franchise business. If you are still not aware of how this works, here is a briefing –
1. Cash – This is the traditional way of bill payment. Since there is a cash crunch in the country, we understand that if you walk into our store without even your wallet. If you want to spend cash* on the menu, you are welcome.
*Caution: Please no Rs. 2000 notes for a bill of less than Rs. 200. We have our limitations.
2. Card Payment – This is the standard VISA, Master Card or Maestro Card payment using a point of sale (POS) card swiping device. In many of our franchisees, we have a POS device.
3. Mobile Wallet – We don’t mind if you walk into our store, have the chocolate of your choice, and simply transfer money through a mobile wallet. Many of our franchise managers have mobile wallets on their smartphones. The most popular wallets are Paytm followed by freecharge and MobiKwik.

We request you to follow these simplest steps to ensure a great payment experience at our franchises –
1. When you walk into any of our franchise, request payment information beforehand, even if you see VISA or Paytm stickers in the store. Sometimes there could be trouble connecting to the internet server.
2. Do not worry, card payment at Café Choco Craze franchises is totally secure.
3. Please wait your turn for payment if there is a crowd. As Mr. Modi says, patience is the key to fighting black money; think that you are doing your bit by keeping calm and waiting in the queue.
4. Do remember to collect customer copy of the bill for your record.

We hope next time you have a great payment experience at Café Choco Craze.

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